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Toms River Basketball Association

2020-21 TRBA Board and Volunteers
League President
 Derek RichardsonderekTRBA@gmail.com732-341-3337
League Vice President
Phil Yellovich
[email protected] 732-278-5127 

Challenger Division 
Vic Suskevich[email protected]732-232-3436

Girls Middle (5-6) Division
Kevin Stankowitz [email protected]732-241-2778
Jimmy Wright[email protected]
Girls Sr (7 - 12) Division
Karen Husenica
Mike Weatherstone
[email protected]
[email protected]

4th Grade Boys Division
Brian Thompson

[email protected]


6th Grade Boys Division 
Derek Richardson[email protected]732-341-3337
Nick Columbo[email protected]336-686-0855
7th  Grade Boys Division

Tom Lanza[email protected] 
8th Grade Boys Division 
 Vin Flatley[email protected]908-338-7200
Mike Liotti[email protected]732-330-1477
2nd grade Co-Ed Clinic
Jimmy Wright[email protected]848-888-2818 
3rd Grade Boys Division
Chris Doncsecz[email protected] 
5th Grade Boys Division 
Sean Monahan[email protected]773-454-4168
Ken Glover[email protected]  
High School Boys Division 
Phil Yellovich
[email protected] 732-278-5127 
Marcial Pivano
[email protected]

Girls Jr (3-4) Division
Brian Doyle  
Gym Schedule Director
Brian Thompson[email protected]732-551-8592
Scholarship Committee
Glenn Jansen[email protected]732-773-2171
Charlie Gill[email protected]               732-286-9383
Boys Referee Assignor
Scott Thompson[email protected]732-779-0537
Jeff O’Neill
Girls Referee Director and Assignor
Scott Thompson[email protected]732-779-0537
Equipment Manager
 Jimmy Wright[email protected]848-888-2818
Robert DeVita
League and Community Affairs
Phil Yellovich
[email protected]                       732-278-5127

General Volunteers and Assistants
Ron Shaffery (Scorekeeper Assignor)
Brian Duschek


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